Corporate Philosophy


Based on our material technologies, we are starting new endeavors targeting the global market.

TOKIN Corporation is developing into a truly global enterprise with our new partner, U.S.- based KEMET Corporation. We are committed to maintaining our position as a “device manufacturer through material innovation.” We will continue to value materials as the basis of manufacturing while working to supply devices worldwide. As a global manufacturer, contribute to creating and developing harmony within human beings and Mother Nature through material innovation.
Today’s trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing, Industry 4.0, is opening the door to a new era.
As new technologies, including the “Internet of Things” (IoT), gain more attention, our electronic components are taking center stage.
At TOKIN Corporation, we are certain of our potential to play a key role in this new, exciting world.
Standing on our fundamentals in material innovation, we are embarking upon new challenges.
With unshakable belief, we are moving into the future.