Medical equipment

Open up a new horizon of high-quality, reliable medical care

Advanced medical services are more important than ever, and medical equipment today must meet exacting standards for performance and accuracy. Our world-class medical products which include electronic materials, piezoelectric devices and noise filters – have proven themselves again and again.
We believe they will play an integral role in creating a brighter future of cutting-edge health care.

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    TOKIN provides custom-made electromagnet products to medical and research facilities. For instance, high-precision electromagnets designed to deflect convergent and effuse particle radiation are used in equipment to treat cancer, allowing accurate particle radiation that precisely focuses on an affected area.

    Accelerator facilities, Experimental devices, Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, Magnetizing devices

  • Super Capacitor

    Super Capacitor

    Thanks to its long life and maintenance-free design, our super capacitor has had great market success as a back-up power supply for infrastructure systems. It has won accolades in the medical equipment industry, with features such as warning buzzers, low- battery indicators and the ability to maintain inspection data, even during blackouts.

    General medical equipment (Back-up power supply)

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    MemoalloyⓇ is a highly flexible nickel-titanium alloy with speedy shape recovery and superior torque transmission. Steady and reliable, it is suitable for guidewires and other medical instruments that facilitate less invasive treatments that may replace procedures such as cardiac surgery and brain surgery.

    Medical guidewires,Medical guidewires,Stents, etc.

  • Piezoelectric Ceramics

    Piezoelectric Ceramics

    Featuring exclusive high-performance piezoelectric ceramics materials, our products accurately meet medical industry demands for high quality and superior accuracy. Ultrasonic scalpels are just one application: Utilizing our piezoelec-tric ceramics, these precision instruments create ultrasonic vibrations that can cut bone, resulting in less tissue damage and bleeding – and much less discomfort for patients.

    Ultrasonic scalpels, Ultrasonic medical diagnosis, Scaling, Spray disinfection, etc.