Industrial / Ecology

Support business evolution and a clean environment

As technologies continue to advance in the connected “Internet of Things” (IoT), energy efficiency, reliability and safety will become even more crucial for digital devices and industrial equipment.
Applying all our expertise in technologies for industrial equipment, TOKIN meets the needs of the times by providing products and devices that support business evolution and a clean environment.

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    Super Capacitor

    Our double-layer electric capacitor is a small, high-capacity device that is reliable during prolonged use in severe conditions. It offers advantages such as infinite charge-discharge cycles, high- speed charge-discharge, operation in extreme temperatures and a structure that results in fewer incidences of liquid spill. These and other characteristics make it ideal for industrial control instruments, robots, transportation and social infrastructure equipment.

    Sequencers, Robot controllers, Smart meters, Automotive equipment, Medical equipment, Transportation and social infrastructure equipment, etc.

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    Vibration Sensor

    TOKIN’s highly sensitive piezoelec-tric vibration sensor can detect exceptionally minute levels of vibrations. The collected data can be analyzed to determine the operational status of manufactur-ing equipment and to monitor its well-being. It simplifies diagnostics and enables preventive maintenance, functions that support the progress of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) in factories.

    Diagnosis and preventive maintenance for manufacturing equipment, Monitoring structural health, etc.

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    Current Sensor

    Featuring TOKIN’s unique core, this sensor is accurate to within ±1% thanks to its flat temperature properties and new winding structure. This superior accuracy – in a very small package – is perfect for monitoring the power of devices such as power conditioners and home energy management systems (HEMS).

    Power conditioners, Breakers, etc.

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    Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuator

    TOKIN’S multilayer piezoelectric actuator is a ceramic device that converts electric energy to displacement and mechanical energy by utilizing inverse piezoelectric effects. Its applications include semiconductor manufacturing and other nanotechnology-based equipment with high-resolution positioning, faster response and large generated force.

    Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, Piezo stage, Analysis equipment, etc.