Digital Home Appliances and Electronics

Technologies for an enriched and comfortable life

Digital appliances and electronics have permeated every aspect of our daily lives. LEDs illuminate our homes. Stunning 4K TVs deliver new levels of interactive entertainment.
Human-based sensor systems keep our families safe and comfortable while offering energy savings and convenience.
TOKIN’s technologies are integral to all of these cutting-edge products to improve our lives.

  • Common Mode Choke Coil SCR-HB

    Common Mode Choke Coil SCR-HB

    Featuring S18H, a material highly permeable by magnetic waves, this filter improves noise suppression effects in low-frequency ranges. Able to work in high-current and high-voltage applications, it is optimal for use in power conditioners and air conditioners.

    Power conditioners, Air conditioners, etc.

  • Dual Mode Coil SSHB

    Dual Mode Coil SSHB

    SSHB is a dual mode coil that suppresses both common and normal mode noises. By eliminating the need for a conventional normal mode choke coil, SSHB shrinks mounting areas and reduces the number of parts.

    LED lighting, etc.

  • Film Capacitor for Electronic Equipment

    Film Capacitor for Electronic Equipment

    TOKIN’s diverse line-up includes power film capacitors such as polypropylene and polyester and paper capacitors such as radial and axial leaded and surface mount. Designed for a wide array of circuits, our film capacitors are used for noise suppression, phase compensation and resonance.

    Lightning equipments, Cooking appliances, Power suppliers, etc.

  • Common Mode Choke Coil SSR

    Common Mode Choke Coil SSR

    By featuring S15H, a material easily permeated by magnetic waves, this common mode choke coil has succeeded in achieving the same characteristics as conventional products, only in a smaller and lighter package. It has helped make home appliances and electronics, including 4K TVs, smaller and lighter.

    4K TVs, Projectors

  • Pyroelectric Sensor

    Pyroelectric Sensor

    This compact sensor controls and adjusts a device when it detects human motion, resulting in energy savings and improved convenience. Its inconspicuous, ultra-low-profile and lens-less structure means it can be unobtrusively integrated into almost any design, making it ideal for a wide array of products.

    Consumer electronics, Eco home appliances, Housing equipment, etc.