Corporate vision


Enhancing network synergy to advance our global strategy

To further promote globalization. To foster the possibilities of our company.
To achieve a further leap toward the future.
As a member of U.S.-based KEMET Corporation, TOKIN is starting a new journey.
KEMET Corporation is a leading capacitor manufacturer with a broad network in U.S. and European markets.
It started manufacturing capacitors in 1958, and has steadily grown to become a global leader in the electronic components manufacturing industry, with facilities spanning the globe and thousands of dedicated employees. Its capacitors and magnetic electronic components, the result of ongoing research and development and cutting-edge engineering programs, are utilized in a variety of products, such as airplanes, mobile devices, automobiles, industrial equipment, cloud computing and medical equipment, and represent the best and brightest in these fields.
KEMET prioritizes customers’ experiences, delivering products on time worldwide and promoting fair trade so both customers and shareholders benefit.
In addition to innovation and excellent product quality, KEMET focuses on global accessibility, customer satisfaction and social responsibility.
The integration of our companies means we can combine KEMET’s advantages in industrial equipment and automotive markets and its U.S. and EU networks with TOKIN’s network in Asia and consumer market strengths to become a bigger, stronger enterprise.
Through enhanced synergy with KEMET, TOKIN is creating new innovations that could lead future generations as a truly global enterprise.