TOKIN's advantage

Supporting the society with material technologies

TOKIN’s strength is using integrated manufacturing in everything from materials to final products. By controlling the quality of the base powder materials, we are providing products and solutions that precisely match the needs of markets and society. Our material technologies support the latest technologies in diverse markets and scenarios, energizing the pace of development in our digital society.

Car electronics

・PHV/HEV inverters
・LED headlights
・Electric power steering systems
・Automotive infotainment
・In-vehicle sensors
・Ignition coils, etc.

Medical equipment

・Ultrasonic scalpels
・Ultrasonic medical diagnosis・Scaling
・Spray disinfection
・Medical guidewires
・Back-up power supply for general medical equipment


・Robot controllers
・Smart meters
・Transportation and social infrastructure equipment
・Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
・Piezo stage
・Analysis equipment
・Power conditioners
・Diagnosis and preventive maintenance for manufacturing equipment
・Monitoring estrutural health, etc.

Digital home appliances

・Air conditioners
・Consumer electronics
・Eco home appliances
・Housing equipment
・4K TVs
・LED lighting, etc.

Network Devices/IoT

・Tablet-type devices
・Notebook PCs