Corporate Outline

Corporate Outline
As of April 1, 2020
TOKIN Corporation
Established April 8, 1938
1938: Company established as Tohoku Metal Industries Co., Ltd.
1988: Company name changed to Tokin Corporation.
2002: Company integrated with NEC’s electronic components business to become NEC TOKIN Corporation.
2017: Company name changed to TOKIN Corporation.
Headquarters 1-1, Asahicho 7-chome, Shiroishi-shi, Miyagi 989-0223, Japan
Registered address 7-1, Koriyama 6-chome, Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi 982-8510, Japan
Web site
Paid-in capital 100 million yen
Employees 4,477 (Consolidated basis) ( As of March 31, 2020 )
Business items Tantalum capacitors, Electric double-layer capacitors, Inductors, Electro-Magnetic components, Piezoelectric devices, Sensors
Consolidated net sales 44,200 million yen (Fiscal year ended March 31, 2019)

(As of April 1, 2020)

Board Member・Corporate Officers
The Representative Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors William M. Lowe, Jr. Director Fumihiro Katakura*
The Representative Director and President Shigenori Oyama* Director Daniel F. Persico
Director Gregory Thompson Director Masahiro Asakawa*
Director Susan B. Barkal Corporate Auditor David Zapata
Director Masayuki Nakamura*    

*Concurrently appointed as Corporate Officer

Corporate Officers
President Shigenori Oyama Vice President Shinji Arai
Senior Vice President Masayuki Nakamura Vice President Masahiro Asakawa
Senior Vice President Fumihiro Katakura