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EMC Solution TOKIN APPLICATION GUIDE Compliance to RoHS Directive
The names of the products and the specifications in this catalog are subject to change without notice for the sake of improvement.
The manufacturer also reserves the right to discontinue any of these products. At the time of delivery, please ask for specifications sheets to check the contents before use.
Descriptions in this catalog regarding product characteristics and quality are based solely on discrete components. When using these components, be sure to check the specifications with the component in question mounted on the products.
The manufacturer's warranty will not cover any disadvantage or damage caused by improper use of the products that deviates from the characteristics, specifications, or conditions for use described in this catalog.
The products in this catalog are intended for use in ordinary electronic products. If any of these products are to be used in special applications requiring extremely high reliability, where product defects might pose a safety risk, please consult your TOKIN sales representatives.
Though the manufacturer has taken all possible precautions to ensure the quality and reliability of its products, improper use of products may result in bodily injury, fire, or similar accidents. If you have any questions regarding these products, please consult your TOKIN sales representatives.
Please be advised that the manufacturer accepts no responsibility for any infraction by users of the manufacturer's products on third party patents or industrial copyrights. The manufacturer is responsible only when such infractions are attributable to the structural design of the product and its manufacturing process.
Export Control
○For customers outside Japan
TOKIN products should not be used or sold for use in the development, production, stockpiling or utilization of any conventional weapons or mass-destructive weapons (nuclear weapons, chemical or biological weapons, or missiles), or any other weapons.
○For customers in Japan
For products which are controlled items subject to the "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law" of Japan, the export license specified by the law is required for export.

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