Groundbreaking performance Proadlizer will revitalize
A simple solution for the needs of the gigahertz age.Proadlizer: The Next-Generation Decoupling Device
Groundbreaking performance changes our conventional concept of energy devices
Faster processing capability is needed as the functions and performance of computers, digital devices and other modern-day necessities improve. Though enhancing operational speeds results in better performance, it also causes serious noise problems that are a significant barrier to the development of these devices.
  The Proadlizer, a groundbreaking device created by NEC TOKIN, is a one-chip solution for these high-frequency noise problems. The Proadlizer takes its name from the three words: prompt, broadband and stabilizer. It delivers superior noise absorption across a wide range of frequencies, from kHz to GHz, to stabilize power lines. Its performance far exceeds conventional energy devices.
Proadlizer impedance frequency characteristics
Lowering equivalent serial inductance (ESL) produces flat frequency characteristics.
Impedance is much lower than the conventional combination of capacitors and has a broader frequency range - up to GHz.
●Impedance reference data*
(*) The value is derived from S21.
The Proadlizer handles an array of capacitors with just one chip
Conventional decoupling devices utilize multiple capacitors, each with a dedicated function, to fulfill the needs of high-speed load response and noise suppression. As the speed of central processing units (CPUs) increases, more and more capacitors are required to handle operations. As a result, circuit design becomes increasingly complex.
  The Proadlizer, on the other hand, can cover frequencies up to the GHz band, and has lower and flatter impedance characteristics than any other device currently on the market. In other words, the Proadlizer makes one-chip decoupling possible. In one stroke, the Proadlizer easily resolves two opposing needs: higher speeds and performance, and weight reduction and miniaturization.
Conventional decoupling circuits require many capacitors.
Proadlizer dose the same work with either a single chip or just a few chips.
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